If your company has invested heavily in content marketing, you’re already aware of its goal: building awareness and nurturing relationships. But if your website is filled to the brim with content—especially content form multiple authors—you might not be aware of what type of content is actually working. The best way to track content is conducting a content audit, and here are 6 reasons why your company might need one:

  1. Marketing is underperforming

If you’re not ranking high for your chosen search terms, your content may be to blame. Potential customers might have trouble finding the information they need to spark interest in your company because there is simply too much content to sift through.

  1. Lots of traffic, not enough qualified leads

If traffic isn’t your problem—but lead generation is—your content might be attracting the wrong target. This could be because the content isn’t written with a clear buyer persona, or it doesn’t address a specific need, interest, or opportunity for your targeted audience.

  1. Sales goals aren’t met

If sales metrics are falling behind, take a look at how closely content and sales are aligned before undertaking an all-new sales strategy. Content such as blogs helps produce qualified leads by helping prospects through the awareness, consideration and decision stages of the buying process, but if it doesn’t, a content audit will help discover why.

  1. Blog subscribers don’t read anymore

If active subscribers to your blog aren’t actually reading it, you’ll need to get your content back on track by finding out why they subscribed in the first place and analyzing how the content has changed since then, whether the cause is new writers, a shifting content strategy, or some other factor.

  1. Website redesign or company rebranding

Undertaking the massive task of redesigning your website or rebranding your company is the perfect time to audit your content so your new site or brand can have a fresh, effective start.

Next steps

If you’re looking to improve sales, make your customers happier, and get rid of unnecessary pages bogging down your website, a content audit might be ideal for your company—and AGW Group can help. We get to know our clients so we can provide the most effective, customized service, including full-scale content marketing strategies and content audits. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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