About the Project

Fast Play Athletics, founded by Super Bowl Champion Running Back Lynell Hamilton, was content with their current digital presence but knew it could be better—in stepped AGW Group, which was tasked with the development of a new website and creation of physical and digital marketing assets.

Visit the Fast Play Athletics website at:

Branding, Identity, Web Design, UX / UI, Marketing Colateral

The Brief

Fast Changes

Lynell was competing in a highly saturated space, as “trainer” seems to be the number one second career choice for former professional athletes. Differentiating his services from others was going to be the key to his success.

Since Lynell was happy with the performance of his current site, all he requested was an update to a more modern layout that was more SEO friendly and featured more robust online booking functionalities, including event scheduling and ticket sales. Additionally, Lynell requested that AGW take over all development of marketing collateral.

Final Result

First Round Pick was redesigned with user flow and experience in mind. The homepage features clickable highlights of all of the programs that FP offers that drill down into more program specific inner pages. The pro athlete booking system was fortified with the ability for each trainer to customize their availability and collect fees.

The events calendar was integrated in with the ability for attendees to rsvp or purchase tickets directly on the site. This enabled FPs marketing programs to push users back to the Fast Play website and not 3rd party event platforms, providing additional new exposure to its main catalog of services.

Event promo collateral featured more attractive graphic design and strategic positioning of copy to maximize call to action (CTA).