About the Project

SteelOrbis Americas’ print publication, Prime magazine, needed an updated desktop publishing and creative design platform, along with improved campaign management for the company’s corresponding events across the US. The AGW Group team helped turn Prime into one of the top bi-monthly prints for their vertical 5 years straight, and transformed annual events into “must attends” for not only domestic professionals in the vertical, but overseas attendees as well.

Art Direction, Event Management, Media Buys

The Brief

A New Look For An Old Classic

The US steel industry is steeped in tradition and generational relationships. The challenge was getting a demo with traditional views to move into more modern channels.

SteelOrbis and Prime Magazine was a new entrant into a market whose top shareholder had been around for over 120 years. SteelOrbis was also a foreign organization looking to gain market share in a space with a strong protectionist following. The firm’s management made their goal very clear: not to be the overall market shareholder, but to be the dominant firm for a niche segment of the market as a whole.

SteelOrbis’ Prime Magazine was distributed bi-monthly nationwide on a subscription basis but market penetration was not meeting targets. The magazine had ad space that remained open month over month and management tasked AGW Group with a sales strategy.  Additionally, the firm hosted national industry events that brought together industry executives from around the world. Management wanted to leverage these events to promote the firms high level intelligence platforms.

Final Result

Papa’s Got A Brand New Look

Our first line of business was to get SteelOrbis’ net promoter score (NPS) and to identify how readers were consuming the firm’s content. Through the process it was determined that their current content distribution model was encouraging new users to consume the available free content and not taking the final step and subscribing. After adjusting the content distribution model for new users and improving user experience through the sales funnel, conversion rates experienced an immediate increase. The firm’s cornerstone print publication, Prime, was redesigned to a more modern layout and converted to an interactive digital platform.

SteelOrbis’ event management was overhauled to include a new robust marketing and attendee platform and marketing assets created and distributed under AGW management. These efforts resulted in an increase in global attendance and sponsorship driven revenues in consecutive years. Ultimately leading to the US operation’s annual event becoming one of the most well attended events in the space.