About the Project

To provide website and ongoing campaign services for the authorized retailers of national telecommunication providers, our team started with a customer analysis to develop an accurate profile, and a marketing audit to determine whether current efforts were reaching the target demographic. The results revealed that existing marketing was targeting too late in the funnel and the UX needed optimizing, so we built a brand new strategy from the ground up including websites, landing pages, customer experience and flow optimization, and PPC campaigns.

Web Design, Email, Art Direction, Event Management, Media Buys, Social Media, SEO, Direct Mail

The Brief

Best UX Bundle

The objective for this group of telecomm retailers was simple and clear: boost qualified leads at the top of funnel through innovative campaigns and improved user experience (UX). Up until now, incoming leads were slightly under target and of those that did come in, many were unqualified dead ends.

This resulted in major inefficiencies in the sales department as personnel were consistently going through their sales map only to find out the customer was not qualified. In some cases, leads were being sent to the wrong department as a result of confusion during the customer journey.

Final Result

Happy User, Happy Conversion

AGW took this project and hit the ground running beginning with a robust referral program targeting professionals with home buyer/renter first touch access: realtors and property management. Once the referral intake process was designed, we initiated a revamp of all websites (including LPs for each provider) to a more simplified layout in order to encourage conversion. The LPs featured interactive geotargeted campaigns and live sales support chat applications.

Backend applications include custom CRM integration, campaign tracking through appended URL, retargeting campaigns. The customer journey was mapped into a simple flow to ensure that customers were routed to the proper personnel in order to strip unnecessary touches and improve call to close times.